New to PC, but not that new to the game

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So yeah, you may imagine why the title says that. Turns out that I did start playing Onigiri quite some time ago, in Xbox One. Stopped playing it since Warabizuka was the impossible peak for me (and Azami was hell, even in Normal difficulty, the 4 Onmoraki thoroughly breaking me apart since I went for a Sword main). Stopped playing there, felt that it was quite hard to go on without any veteran help.
And here I am, getting a new PC, and remembering that Onigiri did come first as a computer game. Downloaded it, tested it, and so far it runs nicely, so I started a new character over here. Though, I wish I could migrate my One progress and continue my way over here, but oh well, new character over here. What's better? Sword, Twin Swords or Bow? Or Odachi? I've always preferred the close range combat, even if it leaves me as an easy target (soloing the whole game until Azami using Swords wasn't that easy, really)

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

Gracias  
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