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Moss looks legit

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11 Abr 2018, 07:02# 1


I've been eyeballing previews, reviews and walkthroughs for Moss over the past few weeks and am actually really excited to give it a whirl. After cycling through a lot of content on the PSVR the past couple of months, I've experienced a lot of fleeting moments of greatness but very little that keeps me enthralled. Moss still seems like it's on the short end in terms of available content but it does seem to be a bit of a sea change moment for the platform and it has me very excited about the content we'll get in the coming year or two based simply on some of the control dynamics. While I do still wish it had a longer play time than the 3-4 hours I've read about so far, if the core experience is worth it I'm happy to support developers like Polyarc that give us novel approaches to controls and storytelling in conjunction with solid gameplay.

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